Why We Customize

My first inspiration to customize was to celebrate Courtney’s (Giles) first Mother’s Day in 2007 after my niece Coco was born.

The inspiration to make the 'MOMMY' cuff came from my connection to two people I love deeply. I didn't realize how significant an impact personalizing the cuff would be for Courtney. To this day, it is the most meaningful piece of jewelry she wears.

Why We Wear It

There is always a story behind the customized stamping our customers request ... simple initials, terms of endearment, dates to mark a time or event, map coordinates ... The narratives are inspiring, so we are asking people to share their stories with us, so we can share them with you. What is the meaning behind the stamping you choose? Please share your story with us and we will pass it on...

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Customize It!

Many of our designs can be custom stamped at no charge, for any occasion - a birth, birthday, graduation ... to create a connection, to inspire yourself daily, to remember someone or somewhere special, for bridesmaids & groomsmen gifts ...

We do all the stamping by hand in our studio in New York City. We ship the very next day the order is placed - often within hours of placing the order.

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